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A Note About Covid, Shipping, Supply Chains, and the Holidays

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The Situation

You may - or may not - be aware that the entire world is still dealing with the repercussions of global shutdowns and supply chain issues due to Covid. The struggle is VERY real. It’s not hype. On top of that, the situation changes on a daily basis. Due to these factors, we are not comfortable providing hard deadlines or cut-off dates this holiday season. However, we will try and provide updates, estimating the average production time and average delivery time throughout the holiday season.

Supply Shortages

On top of that, we are already experiencing some supply shortages. We try to be flexible with our product offerings, so you may be able to make a simple swap of garment color/brand/style if the item selected is out of stock. Many of our print partners are seeing their suppliers pulling stock from the same distributors and with an already limited supply, and this can bring unexpected shortages. So, in plain English, we don’t have boxes of that t-shirt you want sitting in warehouses. Everything is printed on demand. This means the finished product didn’t exist until you decided you wanted it.

Black Friday

When Black Friday hits, our partner facilities are hit with millions of orders. So please understand it just won’t be possible to ask them to dig through 100,000 orders to understand when your individual order will ship. Rest assured we care. A lot. But also rest assured that once we initiate the order and it’s out the door, we have zero control over when it gets there. 

The Good News

Because we’ve worked very hard to seek out many different print and fulfillment partners across the globe, there’s a decent chance the thing you want - or something comparable - can be produced and shipped from your country. The world can seem very US-centric sometimes, and the world of custom print-on-demand doubly so. As someone who sells globally to Evertonians everywhere, but obviously heavily to the UK, in addition to the US, Ireland, Australia, and others, this was a challenge from day one. But we feel good about our ability to deliver most items inside, or close to, your borders which means much less chance of delays, customs fees, general annoyances that can happen anytime but take it 100x during the holiday season. It’s not an accident you’ll see a lot of variety on The Toffees Shop. 

What You Can Do

Plan Ahead

The earlier you place an order, the earlier it will get to you. Brilliant analysis there on our part, right? But seriously, this year you really need to plan ahead if it’s a gift. If it’s for you and “it gets here when it gets here”, then it’s all good. But if you need it there by Xmas or a birthday or anniversary then get it a lot earlier than you normally would. 

Create A Wishlist

We have a wishlist feature on the site now. You might not have noticed if you’ve browsed or bought before but it’s boss. You can save items and create a list of potential purchases and it will make it much easier to come back and buy it quickly than sorting through everything and trying to remember what it was etc. You should try it. You'll need to have an account (it's free) and be logged in. So go ahead and create an account. You just might get some special offers via email that way too. 

Use Our “Collections That Ship From” Categories

Remember earlier when we talked about seeking out partners who can print and fulfill your purchase locally? If you find yourself in December and you just have to have something from us (cheers for that, we see you) you might want to go here first. We created these lists specifically to give you control over where your product is shipped from. In some cases, you can get the same (or similar) shirt, hoodie, or whatever but by using that list get it produced and shipped from the UK to you in the UK for instance, just by paying attention. Same goes for US Blues and Australian Blues. There are some items that we just can’t get anywhere except the US and vice-versa. On every product page, it also says where it ships from. Don’t skip over the details. 

Gift Cards

When you are really crunched for time, or just don’t know what the Evertonians in your life will love, you just know they will love something, get a gift card. Let them choose. Gift Cards are boss. Especially when it comes to clothing. 

Digital Downloads

Coming soon. Was hoping to have these available by now, but they will be. What’s a digital download? Well if you’ve had a gander at our Wall Art Collection, all of that will be available as a digital download that you can then go have printed at your local pharmacy, art store, etc. Get a frame with it, or just have it printed. Shipping time on that is the time it takes the email with the zip file to hit your inbox, and the time it takes you to get down to the store that can print it. Even considering making a lot of the designs available that you can print at home and frame really easily. It should be stressed this is not your opportunity to steal the design that we’ve come up with to resell. I would hope that would be obvious. Also pretty daft as the world of Everton merch is a small one and it would be pretty easy to spot it. But, just don’t. It’s for personal enjoyment and it’s a lot of work. 

Bottom Line

We are genuinely grateful to all of our past, present and future customers and we want you to have a great shopping experience and get what you ordered on time and be made up with what you got. This year, more than ever patience might be required, but there are steps you can take to avoid any headaches. 

Yours gratefully,



The Toffees Shop


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  • Alan Dean on

    Thanks for the heads up.
    So many great items,
    So little money!!

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