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Our 1st Birthday!


WOW. It's been a year since launching the Toffees Shop. What an amazing experience. Without understating it, it's been an absolutely boss year designing products for fellow Evertonians. I could write an essay on the million ways I'm grateful for the experience. The truth is I didn't really have a design background when I started this. Some of my early designs are probably a testimony to that haha. But I knew Evertonians needed a choice. How? I am one. Till I Die. I could never really find anything I wanted to buy that met my expectations, and I could get here in the US (where I live) affordably - and I really wanted to. 

So, with absolutely zero proof I could do it, but 100% belief I could, I said "screw it, I'll figure it out". Whether I'm there yet, wherever "there" is, what I can tell you is it's a pretty amazing feeling to think up something in your head, work at it until you think it's worthy of offering to people, and then actually have fellow Blues spend their hard-earned on it is both thrilling and humbling. The act of creation is like nothing else I've ever experienced. One minute it's an idea, and then it's something tangible that someone else can enjoy for a long time. That's a miracle in my eyes.

To those of you who have become customers, it's truly an honor. And a lot of you even come back and buy again and again, and buy for friends. Some of you even message to say thank you. I should be thanking you. And I do with all my heart. 

No matter what this will always first, and foremost be a labor of love regardless of money. I don't think you can undertake something that demands this much effort and time if you don't actually love it. I do. I can't imagine NOT doing it. Hopefully, it's profitable enough to at least keep going for a long time.

I love Everton, even when I hate them. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. Maybe a psychiatrist can unpack that someday. 

I hope everyone enjoys this holiday season. It's been a bitch for a lot of us in some way shape or form so I'm sending positive vibes to everyone in Evertonia everywhere. We deserve a bit of sunshine. 

Yours in gratitude,



The Toffees Shop


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