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About Us

About The Toffees Shop

So the "we" is really I. More the Royal "We" I guess. My name is John Washburne, and I'm have a digital marketing agency called Elevation Digital. More to the point, I'm a mad, mad Evertonian for about 16 years now.

I'm also one of our American Evertonians. A small, but salty lot. Unlike a lot of Blue Yanks, though, my moment of "birth" didn't coincide with Landon Donovan, or Tim Howard, or even Joe-Max Moore or Brian McBride. I fell in the middle.

About 2004 I decided I was going to start following English Football. Previously I was American sports only, but I knew to really do this I needed a team, a club. During the summer the Euros were happening in Portugal and while I was never really a "soccer" fan, I did enjoy international footie.

I think we all know that summer a certain young teenager from Croxteth announced himself on the world stage. Frankly, I was spellbound by the majesty of this ridiculously young phenom who played for some team named Everton (*googles "Everton".). Unfortunately we all know what happened in the weeks following that mad couple of weeks.

So, I sat down to plot my strategy for picking a club. I knew I couldn't pick one of the "Sky Four", as that would be like going to the casino and rooting for the house at the Blackjack table. I did my research, and narrowed the lists to a few likely suspects based on some limited but sound reasoning.

1. It had to be a big club. Not nouveau riche. Old Money. The estate may need some paint and and plaster, but the family name still meant something.

2. They had to play in a historic ground. Not a 3 bed, 2 bath in a new suburb, but the kind of place you couldn't afford to build these days for the price.

3. The supporters had to be unique. Not plastic. Not humourless (throwing in the British "U" as a show of solidarity).

4. Less scientific, but I figured I would just starting watching my shortlist and eventually it would be obvious.

So the list was narrowed to 4. Newcastle, Aston Villa, Tottenham and Everton. Even Rooney being sold actually made me more sympathetic to the Toffees not less.

Week one. Tipped for relegation the Blues hosted Arsenal at Goodison. Arsenal were in peak Farah Fawcett mode circa 1977 look it up kids. That...hair). The Blues took a beating that day, but something about the crowd at Goodison made me feel a bit tingly. I can't explain it. Then Everton began winning. Improbably. Lots of scruffy 1-Nils but I didn't care. I was hooked. By the time we drew at Old Trafford to stay in the top four, I was in. No more nights out with boys, it was "what RomCom would you like to watch tonight honey"? I still maintain when Big Dunc powered that header in against United at Goodison in the return match to cement our Champions League aspirations, I've never jumped so high in my life. Life as an Evertonian was good. This was going to be fun. Of course the following season, Pierluigi Collina set me very straight on a late summer night in Southeastern Spain about what being an Evertonian. is all about. It's less Goodfellas, and more breaking into parking meters for the change so you can kick up to the boss each week.

And I haven't regretted it for a moment. Except Derby Days. Bastards.

The Journey So Far!

The Toffees Shop was born recently for a number of reasons. Mostly, the pickings are slim for Everton gear. Sure there's the official site for kits, and, well, "official" looking stuff. And this isn't the only Everton T-Shirt and hoodie, and accessories outpost in the world. But between the OS and cheap designs on Etsy, there really wasn't much that I would actually buy. I wanted something with some class, attitude, and spoke to our proud history

So I put my digital marketing and creative skills to work, and after a lot of 18 hour days, the Toffees Shop stands before you.

It's a business yes. But it's been a labor of love, and I hope it's successful enough to be a labor of love for many years to come.

So welcome Blues. I really hope you like what's on offer. Ultimately, it's you Blues who will determine whether this is something greater Evertonia needed or not. I hope so.


The Designs

I love history, and vintage stuff so you're going to see a lot of designs that reflect vintage logos and advertising designs. If you know yer history and all that. But of course, there's more lighthearted and modern stuff to be had too.

I'll be adding new things all the time so if you drop by and nothing grabs your fancy, I'll keep trying. You can't hide forever.

Drop me a line and let me know if there's anything you'd like to see that isn't available on the store. Like a design you like but on a different style or item. Give the people what they want is the only rule here.

And if you fancy yourself a designer, but not a business person and you'd like to create designs to sell on here, give me a shout. Happy to work out a licensing deal for top quality stuff.

Or just say hi.


John Washburne