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Toffees Shop Gift Cards

Take the hassle out of shopping for other Blues

No Shipping, No Guessing, No Hassle.

Gift Cards Guarantee Gifts Evertonians Will Love

Gift cards guarantee that Evertonians will love what you give them. They have the freedom to pick out whatever they want, and you are relieved of the stress of finding something perfect for everyone. Gift cards are also ideal if you are buying for Evertonians you don't know intimately, like co-workers or in-laws.

They Save Money and Time

If you are purchasing gifts for loads of Blues β€” a dozen or more nieces and nephews for instance β€” you can budget a dollar amount for each card. This also prevents arguments over which cousin got the better gift, because everyone gets the same amount of money. And it saves you the time shopping for each person.


No need to worry about shipping or if it will arrive in time. And you can make it special with a card or however you want to package it.